Anne Edwards

"Precious Cargo"

Anne was born in Australia and began playing the piano when she was seven. By the age of sixteen, she had completed her AMEB grades, was teaching a number of students, and had performed at the Sydney Opera House and won numerous eisteddfods and competitions.


At seventeen, she packed the Volkswagen Beatle she had bought with piano teaching money and headed to Sydney. She had been accepted to study at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.


Four difficult years later she graduated with an Honors degree, but not content to teach music, she returned to Sydney University to study a Masters degree in Linguistics. Employed by Sydney Uni for a couple of years as a linguist, Anne decided the world was calling and bought a ticket to Brazil, imagining an adventure lasting a couple of months.


Six months in Brazil turned into twelve years abroad, playing, teaching, editing and coaching a diverse group of people: teaching grammatical vagaries to seasoned writers at the European Central Bank headquarters in Germany, playing piano in clubs in Tokyo, editing the book of a yoga guru in Nepal, listening to the adventures of elderly Japanese widows at an American Conversation School in Japan (these women, free of their husbands at last, were studying archeology degrees in London and visiting digs all over the world), and finally, accepting the position of linguist to the Royal Family in Thailand, accompanying the then Crown Prince and his Princess around the world, writing speeches and coaching dialogue with visiting dignitaries.


Throughout these years abroad, Anne’s passion was always music, and its ability to blend with the changing cultures and languages around her. It was in Paris, listening to a young Russian (with odd socks) playing Chopin in a tiny theatre on the Isle St Louis that Anne first had the experience of hearing a performance that brought her close to the mind and soul of the composer. This young pianist seemed to know the intent of Chopin’s every phrase and his interpretation was a beautiful and intimate connection between audience, performer, and composer. From that experience onward, Anne’s intent has been to join performer and listener in an understanding of the heart and mind that created the music and embodies the music still. Anne plays the music she loves, a mix of French romantic and contemporary composers and composers from the Baroque and Classical eras. By day she lectures at Western Sydney University and she is also a professional potter and yoga teacher.


Returning to Australia in 2007, Anne heard a solo performance of the accordion by Marcello Maio (from Monsieur Camembert) which inspired her to take up this instrument and join the band Belle Jar. For ten years, Belle Jar played an original mix of gypsy and French pop at festivals and venues around Australia and have only recently disbanded. Anne is currently beginning work with a singer from Istanbul, hoping to weave accordion into beautiful middle eastern melodies, rhythms, and harmonies.


The Rooster has kindly provided the opportunity for Anne to play some of the music that has kept her love of the piano alive, and the accordion also features in these performances with classic French and Eastern European songs. It is a wonderful thing when a community supports its musicians to share the passion and pleasure of music that has taken decades to develop.

Anne Edwards

Anne Edwards

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