Often described as a “passionate performer”, Julien knows not to jump around the dining room while you are savoring native French cuisine, nonetheless will inhabit the music and lyrical contents he was bathed in since childhood. Though, to be fair, it wasn’t love at first sight…

Born in the countryside north of Paris, Julien started learning music at 15, wishing to emulate The Rolling Stones, Lou Reed and Jeff Buckley, finding French popular music quite insipid… He even went so far as to study English at university – though on the plus side, it means you can eaaily have a chat with him.

Moving to Australia at the ripe age of 24 (in 2003), he quickly joined the Blue Mtns music scene and began to perform on stage in earnest. After forming and joining bands to explore folk, funk, Balkan swing, disco, jazz, or ska, writing songs in each medium by the hundred, playing at music festivals, and recording albums, he finally came back to his musical roots and realised how colourful French music could really be!

Julien started playing weekly at The Rooster in January 2017. Stripped back to his vocals and guitar, armed with two decades experience, he has come to know his repertoire quite intimately – both technically and emotionally. He is also still very much active in other styles, music being both his day and night job. As he told us himself: “French food, French wine and French poetry… yes, why not, this could actually work…”